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[Sep. 5th, 2006|07:26 pm]
New South Wales Teachers


Hi fellow teachers

I'm putting together a computer-based resource/kit for a technology group, and I've recruited you all as my personal think tank. ;)

What sort of Science/English/HSIE topics do you find difficult to find resources for?
What units are you doing at the moment with your class?

Basically my resource will be a series of stimuli to encourage kids to ask questions regarding the topic. A friend of mine is focusing on gravity so the topics can be very specific rather than broad.

OT - my class reacted fairly strongly to Steve Irwin's death.
We had to take some time to discuss it in class today

[User Picture]From: everandever
2006-09-05 11:17 am (UTC)
resources are usually not a big issue for me - google is my friend - time can be an issue in finding it but i usually manage one way or another.... currently i'm doing a country study on japan for hsie, no science this term, english we're doing procedure text types and speech giving skills in talking and listening as well as standard guided reading and spelling etc. oh! what is difficult in resources are all these special events, eg. science week (theme of deserts) that we just had, naidoc, etc., where we are issued booklets of information from the organisers, eg. DET and they are way over the heads of my little ones (first grade).

only one of my kids mentioned steve irwin..."miss did you hear steve irwin got killed??" "yeah, yesterday. by a stingray." "oh, ok then" *skips off*. :D
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