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Introduction... [Aug. 23rd, 2006|11:28 pm]
New South Wales Teachers
What age group do you teach? Primary, secondary, etc?
I aim to teach university English. But for now, I’m a mere undergraduate at the great sandstone pile that is sydney_uni.

Over the years, I’ve tutored in several high-school subjects including English, Drama, Music, and History; I’ve taught/mentored a class of first year Education students at sydney_uni; and I’ve been employed as a casual drama teacher at Lane Cove Primary School – a traumatic experience.

If primary, what year group are you teaching at the moment?
Recently, I’ve taught from third grade through to sixth.

If secondary tertiary, which subject areas do you teach?
English literature.

Are you at a metropolitan/suburban/regional/rural school?
In terms of classroom teaching, it’s been all metropolitan and suburban, but a lot of my tutoring work has come from the Central Coast area.

How long have you been teaching?
I’ve been tutoring for several years, but I started taking classes this year.

Are you casual or full-time?
Casual whilst studying.

Do you teach any extra-curriculars?
In the past, I’ve given guitar lessons but was forced into quitting for my sanity’s sake.

What do you most enjoy about teaching?
I just like to think I’m helping someone :)

What do you least enjoy about teaching?
One particular third-grader from Lane Cove. I think his name was Damien!

[User Picture]From: alissha
2006-08-23 10:39 pm (UTC)
maybe u need to tutor me in english!!

im stuggling with my intro english subjects at uni this year
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